Embedded Software

SHC assists a number of OS platforms. SHC engineers develop Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), Wired and Wireless Interface Driver, Network Driver and others. SHC maintains Operating System partners and supports hardware to sustain ecosystems on processor hardware for years.

We support the following processors, operating systems and OS components:

Device PlatformARM9,11、Cortex、SH/H8/H8S、RX
OSAndroid, Linux, QNX, Windows Embedded, ThreadX, Micrium, T-Kernel , Renesas HI-OS, Non-OS
ComponentDrivers, BSP, Application

SHC is currently developing code for North American startups including but not limited to the following:


Our dreams in future is to develop is to provide original software IPs to the world. We are contemplating creating IoT device original software driver stack IP, original middleware IPs, original web applications and web services. We are seeking a way to offer domestic and foreign markets our original services and IP which we developed originally.



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