Embedded QNX BSP for Raspberry Pi


Are you looking for a good evaluation board for QNX?

Using our BSP package, you can use your Raspberry Pi 2 board to evaluate QNX.

For beginner, please choose package with Network.
You can use QNX Momentics IDE to create your own application, then try to run it on Raspberry Pi 2.

In addition, by using Multi Interface package, you can use not only Network, but also I2C, SPI and GPIO driver to connect to various sensors.
With Network driver, you can create your own IoT gadget!

Here is our IoT demo with QNX running on Raspberry pi 2.



We are offering below three BSP lineup,

For evaluation purpose.
It has very basic feature with Serial driver.
You can download the binary file Free!
Note: You need to build BSP in order to make QNX OS image.

Support Network feature and USB-Host driver for USB flash memory.
You can develop your own application on QNX by “MOMENTICS” which is standard GUI for QNX development.
Note: BSP source file is not required to develop application.

・BSP-Multi interfaces
Support drivers for external sensor devices. Such as I2C, SPI and GPIO.
For example, you can develop IoT application which connects to sensor and send data to Cloud server.
Note: BSP source file is not required to develop application.

・BSP-Multi and CAN
Support MCP2515 CAN module drivers via SPI interface.
You can use it as an evaluate system for CAR related hardware.
Note: BSP source file is not required to develop application.

– To develop QNX application or to build BSP, you need to obtain SDK for QNX.
In the case of purchasing BSP binary, you also need to build BSP in order to make QNX OS image.
   We don’t sell and offer free download binary image which has QNX OS image.


NO. BSP-Trial BSP-Network BSP-Multi interfaces BSP-Multi and CAN
Serial driver
ARM timer
SD driver(Boot use only)
Display driver Not supported
Mailbox libraries
Network driver Not supported
USB-HOST driver(USB flash) Not supported
I2C Not supported Not supported
SPI Not supported Not supported
GPIO Not supported Not supported
CAN via SPI Not supported Not supported Not supported
Status Now on sale!(Download Binary files Free) Now on sale! Now on sale! Now on sale!
Setup Manual Download Download Download Download


Target hardware

NO. Hardware Status
1 Raspberry Pi Model B Rev2 (c) 2011.12 Coming soon!
2 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1 Supported
3 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.2 Not supported
4 Raspberry Pi 3 Not supported
5 Other Raspberry Pi Not supported


Target Software

NO. QNX version Status
1 QNX6.5 Coming soon!
2 QNX6.6 Supported


Purchase and Download

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