Processor IP & System on Chip (SoC)

SHC is a organisation started by Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast chip set engineers. Many of our engineers have more than 20,000 hours each of development experience of high performance chip sets at Hitachi Semiconductor. We are one of few organised team within Japan capable of designing GHz class chips. The team is engaged with North American customers developing chip sets for their use. While we work for others we are contemplating to become a provider of Semiconductor Intellectual Properties one day.


SHC has capability of Chip Specification Design, Processor Instruction Specification Design, Processor Microarchitecture Design, In-Circuit Emulator Chip Function and Host System Function Design, OS Porting Layer Design, FPGA Design, Numerical Arithmetic Unit Design, Processor Cache Design, Chip Product Design, Chip QA Design, High-Speed Interface Design, and other skills horned from years at large Integrated Device Manufacturer(s) (IDM). These capabilities are now encapsulated in a small group that can scale. Each individuals joined the group with hers and his unique skills, knowledge and experience.



Using plethora of techniques create unique Killer IPs, system-on-chip (SoC) products, FPGA systems in a premeditated design flow. While we work on various chip set projects to earn living, planning to design unique Killer Semiconductor IPs. Target application areas are autonomous vehicle, robotics and other areas.



SHC embraces open source hardware movement and participate in alliance. RISC-V team from University of California, Berkeley, folks in Hewlett Packard Building in Stanford University,, and works closely with Open Core Foundation.