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Three Locations: US, Vietnam and Japan

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Processor and System on Chip Design

GHz Class Processor Design Capability

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SH Consulting Group

SH Consulting Group (SHC) is located in 3 global locations, specialized in FPGA and system on chip (SoC) microcontroller IP solutions, embedded security, voice, speech, wired and wireless connectivity solutions.

SHC engineers have experience in microprocessor and system on chip design, automotive In-Vehicle-Information (IVI) system, engine control (ECU) and security systems. Engineers participated in epic automotive projects as Chrysler BlueConnect and Audi 3GMMI System, and Security Element development project for a Large Silicon Valley mobile handset company.

In 2014 SHC started processor design. Our engineers are designing micro controllers for FPGAs and SoCs. Some projects involve open source hardware (e.g.

——– Whats New ——–

2017/06/30 : New! Add Raspberry pi BSP Lineup. Support CAN driver via SPI.
2017/06/29 : New! Renew our Shop for Raspberry pi BSP .
2017/05/02 : Fixed unstable behavior of Raspberry pi BSP-Trial free download request form.
2016/10/04 : Raspberry Pi 2 QNX BSP download has been started!
2016/09/08 : IoT system Demo using Raspberry Pi 2 with QNX at The Japan QNX/Blackberry Technology Solutions Forum