RISC-V Day Tokyo 2019 was successfully completed.

RISC-V Day Tokyo 2019, hosted by the RISC-V Association and served by SHC, was successfully completed at Kokubunji Hitachi Central Laboratory.

The number of participants reached 360 and became the largest event since 2017 at the RISC-V conference in Japan.

Fifteen companies, including the US RISC-V Foundation, Toyota, and Hitachi, announced, and 11 companies demonstrated.


20190930_Risc-V2     20190930_Risc-V1


At the evening reception, the RISC-V Foundation’s Calista Redmond and the Linux Foundation’s Fuyasu also made a speech in the evening, making a commitment to advance the 2020 event in collaboration with the RISC-V Association.

SHC conducted a RISC-V demo on AWS FreeRTOS and Linux on two SiFive platforms and two Andes platforms, and on its own FPGA.